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Welcome to Sammy's Italian Restaurant, where the flavors of Italy have captured hearts worldwide. While culinary trends come and go, Italian cuisine remains a beloved constant.


Let me share a bit about Sammy's journey. His passion for Italian food began in his childhood days, picking olives in Italy. Inspired by the authenticity of Italian cuisine, he eventually moved to New York with his family, where they lived for twenty-four years before realizing their dream of opening an Italian restaurant. Sammy's dream of bringing Italian flavors to Florida came true in 1994 when he visited his cousin in Ocala and knew this was the place for his first restaurant.


Twenty years later, the family ventured off and decided to open another Sammy's Italian, expanding our reach to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the Wildwood and Villages area. We're truly grateful to all our customers who have made this journey possible.



With heartfelt thanks,

Sammy's Italian
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